Video is like Shampoo...

This really isn't a joke and, no, I've not lost it.

Video IS like shampoo...

... Bare with me on this one and I'll explain my thought process.

I was recently talking to a fellow video specialist about some trouble they'd been experiencing with a client of theirs - or a friend of the client that had caused the friction to be exact.

This client was a specialist in their own field, so they understood the importance of hiring another professional to do a specialists job.

No issue there.

The "problem" came when the client was shown the assembly edit of the video.

The client passed it on to the the head of the firm, and it turned out that guy was a video producer YEARS ago.

Your eyes are rolling already, I can tell!

The head thought the video was missing vital elements and cited that multiple testimonials, among other elements, were needed to make the video successful.

This might seem a valid point to someone who doesn't understand video production, or to someone that doesn't practise the profession any longer - thus not knowing how we, the modern age, consume content.

Video is like shampoo.

Video is a tool.

It's not an all-in-one, Pantene Pro-V, shampoo and conditioner.

It's not a Stanley DIY multi-tool.

It's a dedicated device for implementation.

Take a look at the all-in-ones... The shampoos, the Swiss army knifes, the plant fertilisers.

While they may do an okay job at what they were made for they ALWAYS end up missing the mark, by a long shot, in comparison to the tool that was specifically made for the intended task at hand.

At the end of the day, what I'm trying to tell you is that if you are looking for a video production company for your business, please remember that you should NOT chuck everything but the kitchen sick at it.

So, go get yourself that shampoo...

... but also get the conditioner too.

Don't settle something that won't do the best job.

Let's work together