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What is a Video Business Card?

A VBC is the experience of a sales call before the sales process.

By taking a connection and building it in a moment... (a video production) you can sustain that moment indefinitely.

Video Business Cards are extremely powerful because they take the fundamentals of what people need to know and experience about you and compress them into 3 minutes, and pushes people to take action.

Strategic video marketing content can unbind you and give you time to focus on other things that make your business grown.

A VBC is a formula, whereas a company film is a concept, an abstract idea. Not ingredients that make a thing work.

Concepts are loose ideas and perception is not reality. Even salt looks like sugar, so don't bank on a concept if there is no formula in place.

So, what is a Video Business Card

It is a sustainable:

  • Formula

  • Tool to unbind

  • Pre-sales experience

  • Powerful fundamental

  • Call to action