The best of Hull @ Humber Street Sesh Music Festival. The BEST small festival around.

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

While photography may not be our main gig it's something that we love and, of course, is the principle element to video production; so when we were chosen to be one of the selected photographers at Hull's outstanding music festival, Humber Street Sesh, we were over the moon.

We've been attending Humber Street Sesh for 5 years now and each year it has grown in size and support, with 2019 coming in at 32000 attendees. That's immensely impressive to say there's only approx 1000 active "music-goers" in the city.

While photographing the event we obviously couldn't help but put a little bit of video production into action too - it's not something we were asked to do but y'know... these things just come naturally and there's always an urge to capture moments for us.

You can see a selection of images below as well as the short video we created.