Pain Relief Wizardry!

Peter at Retrain Pain changes the lives of people who are living with chronic pain and for those who want increased sports performance, health and wellness.

Peter is often the last in a long line of therapies and can help people achieve the results that they've been needing for years in just a few weeks.

In any industry that has results that sound way good to be true there's only one way to prove the sceptics wrong: Video Production; video testimonials, live video demonstrations, treatments and video diaries. To build awareness of his business and services Peter is getting on top of all of those.

Retrain Pain are the only AMN practitioners in Hertfordshire and one of 58 in the world! They help where others can't...

Chronic Pain and Injury Relief Hertfordshire Video Production
Peter's AMN therapy blows other methods out of the water

Peters passion is to help people who have been suffering with chronic pain, injuries and illnesses with no end in sight.

He's been through his own struggles and injuries that eventually led to him leaving his job in the Army and knows how deeply injuries and pain can affect your everyday life, your passions, and he doesn't want you to struggle any more than you have already done.

You can find Peter all over Hertfordshire, inc Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, St Albans, Tring, Harpenden etc at