From Waitrose To New Beginnings

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A few words from Raj:

"Today was a wonderful day launching my new business Chipotle Event Planners. Our aim was to showcase some examples of the type of events that we could put together for your business - either for your customers or your employees. We were able to do this in the splendid surroundings of Moor Park Mansion, with the support of Lindsey Simpson, Graham Le-Gall, Louisa Beard, Lis Gray, Gyuri Gyorgy Szabo, 🎬 Luke Wheldon and Annick Devillard - as well as the many attendees who gave their precious time to make this event possible. A big thank you to Swee Lan Miller and the Moor Park Chef who worked with me to elaborate an exquisite menu. My passion in life is food and having spent so much time in the food industry I wanted to bring to life my passion for food through events."


- Hi my name is Raj and I'm from Chipotle Event Planners and today we're here in this amazing golf course, Moor Park in Rickmansworth. And we're launching our business here and we're just doing a showcase event to show everyone what we can do and the amazing venue that we could actually bring to the table. - So Raj's events are all about mixing food and events together to bring the two together. Most people go to an event and the food is there. They might have some say in the sort of food that's there but not quite the way Raj is doing it. She's done it before. She knows what she's doing. If anybody throws a curve ball in, she's able to handle it. Just really experienced really at what she's doing which is really nice to see. Somebody else coming out on their own and doing. - Well, it's been a fabulous event. It's the first of its kind that I've attended. So, yeah, overall a fantastic day. - My overall thoughts of it was highly professional and very different to a number of events which I and some of my companies have been to. It incorporated a number of disciplines and the people themselves were absolutely brilliant and more than that the food was absolutely fantastic. - The food just makes her slightly unique in what she's doing. So yeah, absolutely, I think there's a place for Raj. - What Raj has done today and what Raj is demonstrated is this could be great use for some of my larger corporate clients. Truly, truly, truly, a very very good event today.