A few DO's and DON'Ts when planning your project with a Video Production Company

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

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Here are a few DO's and Don't's that will help you when working with a video production company for all future projects.

DON'T forget about who you're targeting. Think about the best way to communicate to your ideal customer.

DO narrow your down audience. When targeted correctly video can deliver amazing ROI

DON'T forget about the goals your video has. What are you trying to do? raise brand awareness, increase sales, train staff, attract more website traffic etc?

DO get help and opinions from your team. Gathering ideas can really help with communicating your message.

DON'T forget about who you're hiring. Your video production company will know what works and what will potentially hurt the project.

DO research your competition. See what they are doing, check out their social ads, their video channels, blog posts etc

DON'T be too clinical or formal. Personality and authenticity are create engaging content and show you're human just like your target market.

DO tell the viewers how they should act, at the end of the video do you want them to visit your site, call or download an e-book?

These points will help you and the video production company you're working with clarify what needs to be done and to help create a successful video marketing campaign.

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